Inspiration For Beaded Jewelry

There is a DIY craze going on in town Wholesale Corsets  . Beaded Jewelry Making is not restricted to just making necklaces, bracelets, rings, bag charms and handphone accessories. The list goes on and on while new inspiring ideas are born everyday with a little imagination. Girls are using rhinestones and adhesive crystals to personalize their handphones, laptops, pencil cases, shoes and handbags. At all Beads and Crystals DIY stores, you can get Swarovski crystal hot-fix transfers in very pretty colors and designs to iron-on to your T-shirt, shorts, denims, bra straps and lingerie.

It is a very innovative way of adding value to a simple dress or jacket. This Christmas, a range styled like eveningwear with sewn-on rhinestones. Diamantes or crystal chatons flashed the scene. Seeing them in the window dressing really lifted my spirit for the festive season. Since it is a fashion trend, nobody would seem out of place or overdressed even when spotted wearing them as day wear.

Have you watched Moulin Rouge yet? It was a pity I missed the show on wide screen. But I managed to catch this heart-wrenching movie on TV recently. I loved the songs and music in this Broadway styled Musical. I also loved the colorful wardrobe designed for the cast. Must say I am most conservative but I cannot help but admire the art of designing such beautiful costumes. Blended into the natural setting of the story, you get to see beautiful and sexy corsets worn on the stage. Dresses, fancy headgears, gloves and corsets studded with sparkling jewels, crystal stones, rhinestones, sequins, lace, fur and feathers in vivid lingerie plus size

I am not surprised that lingerie makers became trendsetters for the new woman and their changing lifestyle after Moulin Rouge. Now bra straps are decorated with adhesive crystals. Interchangeable straps became a very popular trend. Beaded straps are appearing on the scene too. Indeed a very interesting way of accessorizing. Even spaghetti strap tops are now adorned with beaded straps. Beaded Jewelry can be sexy. I believe the trend starters are from US, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. Now with China providing a steady source of gems, pearls and beading materials at very competitive prices, it is even more attractive for DIY hobbyists in Singapore.


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